We know it's not easy to get away!

That's why when you attend a workshop we pamper you with organic tea, homemade healthy snacks, a luxurious gift and end with a relaxing meditation. Workshops can be taught anywhere; private residence, business or even outside! 


Mindful Muscles


Are you ready to take your workout and fitness to the next level? Have you suffered with re occurring injury or pain? 

This workshop will:

  • Help you identify limitations in joint range of motion.
  • Empower you on how to correctly use isometric exercises to quickly remove any blocks in the muscular system.
  • Give you tips on how to modify moves in a favorite fitness class to prevent injury. 
  • Educate you on how to use holistic healing remedies to aid in nervous system integrity. 

Motivate to Move


Do you want to love exercise and movement but haven't found anything that fulfills you? Join us in this class that will:

  • Identify any "perceived roadblocks" and help to overcome them.
  • Use visualization to discover your "exercise personality". 
  • Get a plan in place that is FUN and achievable for your lifestyle. 

Kicking Stress to the Curb


Is stress causing you to feeling like you're loosing your mind? This class will show you how:

  • You have the power to lower stress levels under two minutes.
  • The words that we speak can influence our stress levels.
  • To recognize the signs when people or places effect your stress and how to energetically protect yourself. 

Essential Oils to the Rescue


Are you ready to shift your home into a toxic-free one but still want results? Join us to learn how essential oils can:

  • Assit in mood management. 
  • Work as amazing cleaning agents.
  • Support your family with overall wellness and health.
  • Everyone gets samples to try at home!

Self Care 101


Did you know that simple acts of self care can dramatically change your confidence?This class will give you self care tips with:

  • Daily hygiene. 
  • Movement. 
  • Sleep.
  • Self Talk.
  • More!

Clutter Control


Did you know you're environment has a lot to do with your health!? This class will teach you:

  • How to effectively get rid of extra stuff without the guilt.
  • What to place in your home to help with clearing bacteria and stagnant energy.                                                          

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