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"It was such a relief to not feel that pain anymore."

I came to see Karyn to relieve neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches. I was getting the headaches and pain frequently, and it would last several days each time. I enjoyed my first session very much and booked several more. After a few treatments, I started noticing improvements, Iike I would go longer in between headaches and when I got one, it wouldn’t last as long or be as severe. Then Karyn gave me an exercise to help retrain my muscles, and this really helped me improve. It became automatic for me to do the exercise whenever I felt the tension start in my shoulder and neck, and suddenly I couldn’t remember the last full-blown headache I had. It’s now been a few months and I don’t get the pain and headaches any more. I do my exercise as it occurs to me, and it just takes a moment to do. I can do it at my desk or anywhere and it feels really good. Most importantly, adding the exercise seemed to stabilize my shoulder so the MAT changes were holding between sessions. It was such a relief to not feel that pain anymore, and to feel stronger overall as a result of the treatments. I would highly recommend MAT and Karyn to anyone! She is so knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated to helping others heal. It’s a such a pleasure to receive a treatment from her! - Heidi Schepis

"I recovered 100%."

Karyn Hendricksen’s Muscle Activation Technique cured my debilitating neck, shoulder and back pain 100% and literally returned my health back to me. 

I suffered deep neck, shoulder and back pain for years. I tried many remedies to alleviate my pain including cortisol shots, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and more. These remedies either provided no relief or short term relief. I finally met Karyn and discovered MAT. Karyn was able to get the pain under control with her steady treatments and within weeks, I improved dramatically. After several months of treatments, I recovered 100%. I now receive treatments every month or two for maintenance. I have been referring  pain sufferers to Karyn for years and they have all experienced tremendous results like me. - Mindy Weiss

"Karyn has the ability to quickly achieve rapport and instill trust."


It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Karyn Hendricksen. Karyn has worked as an independent contractor for Cigna Onsite Health since August of 2011. She has worked in various capacities including: teaching and educating on numerous wellness topics from nutrition and fitness to stress and weight management as well as chronic diseases from heart disease and hyperlipidemia to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. 

Karyn is a good judge of character and has the ability to “meet people where they are at” and effectively coach individuals towards that next step in making positive behavior change. She instructs with compassion and enthusiasm. Karyn is continually praised by the companies that we send her to. Some client comments include:
Karyn is passionate about wellness! Other health professionals could learn a lot about her whole person approach”
“She made the information presented easy to understand”
“Karyn has the ability to quickly achieve rapport and instill trust” 

Karyn’s compassion, diligence, and whole person approach is perfect the needs of the wellness world today! She is a true asset to Cigna and would be for any other organization as well!  

-Kim Lipsky, Cigna Onsite Health Promotion Supervisor

"...her genuine compassion and respect for others is at the top of her repertoire of flair."

As the coordinator of the Health and Wellness Program at Scottsdale Healthcare, I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about the quality work of Karyn Hendricksen, owner of Restorative Wellness Center. Karyn has provided several workshops for me with regard to exercise and stress. She has not only proven herself to be a dedicated and hard-working individual, but her genuine compassion and respect for others is at the top of her repertoire of flair. 

She is an extremely responsible, self-motivated, and detail-oriented woman who has invested herself in a life-long learning program of health and fitness. For all these reasons plus a multitude of others, I would strongly recommend Karyn Hendricksen, for any of your future presentation needs. - Pat Duryea, P.h.D.

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