Our community success and pain free living!

“While traditional medicine tends to focus on the symptoms, Karyn delves deeper and promotes whole-body wellness. She is a talented, intuitive healer! I now have the tools to remain strong and confident.”

April L.

“Utilizing the knee videos has been very beneficial. After 2 days, I was able to walk up and down the stairs with significantly less pain and discomfort. Karyn is an excellent instructor!”

Katrina C.

“Karyn’s introduction to isometric movements were a game changer for me. After having 2 hip surgeries, I was in chronic pain. I am now pain-free, my body is stronger and I can practice yoga again!”

Eve W.

“Karyn has helped to keep me fit and healthy for the past 8 years. I enjoy many sports that put strains on my body. Isometrics enabled my muscles to provide the support my joints need.”

Frederic W.

Mindful muscle classes and videos have helped me improve my muscle strength as well as my core and skeletal structure. I suffer from chronic pain and inflammation in my joints and spine. Her program helps me manage my discomfort”

Lisa M.

“I feel like I’m in a calming sanctuary when going to Karyn for treatments. I started going when I felt hopeless with chronic knee pain. I feel stronger with each session and highly recommend her to anyone experiencing muscle pain”

Liz A.

“I honestly didn’t think Karyn’s program would be “enough” for me since it’s so slow and controlled. To my amazement, my body has gotten stronger and more flexible then it had with other intense exercises and I haven’t had to quit because of an injury. I highly recommend this program!”

Kelley B.

“Karyn’s special method works well not only for my physical pains but my mental health as well. She always provides a very peaceful, positive, and warm environment. Because of this, it has improved my posture and gerd! Karyn is truly a lifesaver.”

Yoko I.

“Karyn’s videos are a lifesaver! The other day my left leg was in a lot of pain that I started limping. I immediately checked out the ‘Leg Love video. I only did one of the exercises and like a miracle, the pain was gone! So many people can benefit from this program.”

Paulina K.

“Karyn has empowered my family and I to help ourselves with easy, quick, and thoughtful movements., I appreciate the unique approach to look at everyone as an individual. She is always warm and kind.”

Jennifer S.

“Karyn radiates positivity and has such amazing healing energy. Her knowledge of essential oils and natural products has really helped me with my transition to using much more clean products for me and the family. Karyn is passionate about what she does and cares for her client’s wellness.”

Anna B.

“I met Karyn years ago and I’ve been very fortunate that she has shared her knowledge in all aspects of my life. She has played an instrumental part in helping me as a life coach and fitness therapy guru. Karyn has guided me with support for my body and mind, and has heightened a sense of my own spiritual guidance.”

Becky R.

Go Deeper than Symptoms...
The Mindful Muscle Method Membership

Karyn Elise Wellness Tablet & Travel

Gentle exercises - Light, targeted exercises help to strengthen weak muscles and alleviate pain.

Safe for all ages - The workouts are secure and gentle, designed to support your ongoing therapies.

Made for everyone- The program is designed for everyone, from students to senior citizens to professional athletes.

Mind-Body Techniques - Our program uses these techniques to reshape your brain's connections with muscles, altering pain-related pathways.