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We know it's not easy to get away!

That's why when you attend a workshop we pamper you with  take-home handouts, a luxurious gift and a relaxing meditation. Workshops can be taught anywhere; your business, retreat, or private residence.  Choose what best fits your needs from our 12 classes below! 


Movement Mastery


Embrace the joy of moving without the pressure. Stay safe, have fun and use mindfulness to create the perfect program for YOUR body! Workshops include:

  1.  Getting Back To Your Roots 
  2. Eliminate Inflammation
  3.  10 Minute Muscle Maker
  4. Mindful Movement Matters

Holistic Hacks


Create a non-toxic environment in your home  and body. Learn how using plant-based products can save you time and money! Workshops include:

  1. Clutter Control
  2. Energetic Enhancers
  3. Immune Support
  4. Emotional Grounding

Conscious Care


Show yourself love and kindness every single day. Learn how to implement easy rituals throughout the day to increase confidence, body image and overall health. Workshops include:

  1. Self Care
  2. Creating Space with Breath
  3. You Are Magic 
  4. Nourishment Now

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