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Gentle Exercises – Light, targeted exercises help to strengthen weak muscles and alleviate pain.

Safe for all ages – The workouts are secure and mild, designed to support your ongoing therapies.

Made for anyone – The program is designed for everyone, from students to senior citizens to professional athletes.

Mind-Body Techniques – Our program uses these methods to reshape your brain’s connections with muscles, changing pain-related pathways.

Karyn Elise Wellness Tablet & Travel

Client Success Stories

"While traditional medicine tends to focus on the symptoms, Karyn delves deeper and promotes whole-body wellness. She is a talented, intuitive healer! I now have the tools to remain strong and confident."

- April L.

"Utilizing the knee videos has been very beneficial. After 2 days, I was able to walk up and down the stairs with significantly less pain and discomfort. Karyn is an excellent instructor!"

- Katrina C

"Karyn's introduction to isometric movements were a game changer for me. After having 2 hip surgeries, I was in chronic pain. I am now pain-free, my body is stronger and I can practice yoga again!"

- Eve W.

"Karyn has helped to keep me fit and healthy for the past 8 years. I enjoy many sports that put strains on my body. Isometrics enabled my muscles to provide the support my joints need."

- Frederic W.

Our Membership Helps With…

Why our classes work.

Targeted Movements: In these classes, each exercise is expertly designed to focus on specific muscles, reducing the common issue of compensatory muscle use that often results in discomfort and pain.

Unparalleled Isolation: The unique technique used in this method achieves a level of muscle isolation that is rarely found in other fitness programs.

Tailored Intensity: The program empowers every participant to adjust the intensity of their workout, making it a safe and customizable regimen for individuals of all ages.

Guided Breathwork: All exercises incorporate a mindful breathing pattern of four counts for inhales during muscle contractions and four counts for exhales during releases, promoting an enhanced mind-body connection.

The Mindful Muscle Method Membership

Get access to the entire video library of the Mindful Muscle Method Membership. These videos are perfect for pre-workout, post-injury. If you are short on time or want to focus on one body day, this plan is for you.

40+ videos: Videos broken down into categories that cover the entire body.

Body Love Videos: Short yet effective videos perfect for people who need immediate relief.

Body Part Specific: 45min+ videos that target a specific part of the body along with breathwork, and meditation.

Bonus 1: 15% off essential oils and other products used to heal your body.

Bonus 2: Get unlimited access to our body-specific masterclasses where we dive deep into physical, emotional and holistic connection to pain.

Bonus 3: Free 30 Min One-on-One with Karyn to create a plan to start living pain-free.

Bonus 4: Access a private member community to share experiences and grow together.

After 7 days only $47/month