There Is No Better Time For Workplace Wellness.


workplace wellness benefits include:

  • Less Sick Days
  • Greater Sense Of Community
  • Increased Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Reduced Staff Turnover
  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Injury & Sick Time


Workout at work


Participants will learn how to create full body muscular strength through intentional and science-based movements. This class is safe for anyone and done consistently will reduce pain and injury.  Movements can be done on a yoga mat or chair depending on availability of space. There is an option to have this class weekly. 

wellness starts with you


This class will identify and find solutions to any “roadblocks” individuals are having with starting and maintaining an exercise program. Participants will learn what their unique “exercise personality” is through visualization and goal setting. 

kicking STress to the curb


This class will identify the definition of “stress” and the physiological effects on one’s wellness. We will discuss the difference between acute and chronic stress and why some stress is actually good. Participants will experience and take home a breathing technique that has been proven to reduce stress within two minutes.

clutter control


This class will teach why a person’s environment has a lot to do with health. Participants will be taught how to effectively get rid of extra stuff without the guilt. Focus will also be placed on what to place in the home or workplace to help with clearing bacteria and stagnant energy. 

essential oils to the rescue


This class will teach participants how to shift their home into a toxic-free living environment with plant based therapeutic grade essential oils. Individuals will learn how essential oils can support the immune system as well as mood management. There is also an option for Karyn to set up an essential oil "bar" for an extra monthly fee. 

self care 101


This class teaches individuals on how simple acts of self care can dramatically change confidence and productivity. Topics will include; daily hygiene, movement, sleep, and self talk. 

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Pricing starts at $997 per workshop. This includes all handouts and interactive activities that will serve each individual's unique needs. 

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