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I’m Karyn Elise Hendricksen, M.S. Exercise Physiologist, former M.A.T. specialist and the founder of the Mindful Muscle Method™, a unique, science-based exercise program to safely recover from injuries and chronic pain. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients through my program which combines gentle, science-based muscle activation with mind-body techniques to allow your body to heal and learn proper mechanics to prevent future injury.

While earning my Master’s degree, I was in an auto accident. I found myself frustrated at the options available to me through insurance. Then I discovered M.A.T. (Muscle Activation Technique) techniques, which treat the cause of pain by testing, correcting, and maintaining muscle contractile efficiency.

I couldn’t believe the results on my neck pain and range of motion after just one session. I was so impressed with the results, I got certified in this therapy after graduate school.

It is my mission to make these techniques accessible to anyone and easy to do. There are so many people out there suffering in pain and not able to move and if I can make an impact on improving their lives that is the greatest reward.


M.S. Exercise Physiologist

Former M.A.T. Specialist

15 years of experience in client rehabilitation

5 years of research in emotional connection to physical pain

Training in the use of essential oils for healing

Education and experience in science-based muscle activation and mind-body techniques

20+ years of personal experience in injury and pain recovery

Founder of the Mindful Muscle Method™

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Client Success Stories

“While traditional medicine ends to focus on the symptoms, Karyn delves deeper and promotes whole-body wellness. She is a talented, intuitive healer! I now have the tools to remain strong and confident.”
“Utilizing the knee videos has been very beneficial. After 2 days, I was able to walk up and down the stairs with significantly less pain and discomfort. Karyn is an excellent instructor!” Katrina C.
“Karyn’s introduction to isometric movements were a game changer for me. After having 2 hip surgeries, I was in chronic pain. I am now pain-free, my body is stronger and I can practice yoga again!” Eve W.
“Karyn has helped to keep me fit and healthy for the past 8 years. I enjoy many sports that put strains on my body. Isometrics enabled my muscles to provide the support my joints need.” Frederic W.