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In Person- Book a 1:1 with Karyn

Now offering Virtual or In-Person 1-1 Sessions (Scottsdale, AZ). All sessions are recorded, so you can refer back to them and maintain your exercises after the session.

What to Expect

  • Range of motion testing to determine the source of pain, inflammation or weakness.

  • Combination of small movements with practitioner palpitation (guided specific movements for virtual sessions) will assist muscles in “waking up” and decrease the need for compensation.

  • Sessions include 1-3 individualized movement videos to watch at home to maintain progress.

    Note: I recommend at least 5 sessions (this varies by person) plus monthly ongoing “tune-ups” to alleviate disorder and maintain proper function.

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    Client Success Stories

    "While traditional medicine tends to focus on the symptoms, Karyn delves deeper and promotes whole-body wellness. She is a talented, intuitive healer! I now have the tools to remain strong and confident."

    - April L.

    "Utilizing the knee videos has been very beneficial. After 2 days, I was able to walk up and down the stairs with significantly less pain and discomfort. Karyn is an excellent instructor!"

    - Katrina C

    "Karyn's introduction to isometric movements were a game changer for me. After having 2 hip surgeries, I was in chronic pain. I am now pain-free, my body is stronger and I can practice yoga again!"

    - Eve W.

    "Karyn has helped to keep me fit and healthy for the past 8 years. I enjoy many sports that put strains on my body. Isometrics enabled my muscles to provide the support my joints need."

    - Frederic W.